Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS)


VIPS recruitment is currently open

Now accepting applications to joins the VIPS. Deadline is 4/1/2015. An application and completed questionnaire can be obtained from the links to the right and must be submitted to Lt. Don LaDue at APD before the deadline in order to be considered.

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    New VIPS and Trainers

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Who are we?
The Volunteers In Police Service or VIPS program was started in January 2001. Currently we have more than 40 volunteers of all ages and backgrounds that assist the police department in many of its everyday functions. They share a desire to do something positive about today's crime problems and contribute to our community. In 2011, VIPS contributed almost 8,500 hours of volunteer service to the Department.

Vacation House Checks (more info) the application and the brochure

Our Goal

  • To form a partnership where trained volunteers can enhance and support the department freeing up officers and staff for higher priority duties.
  • To place volunteers in rewarding activities which utilize their experience, interests and talents.
  • To provide the public the opportunity to become more familiar with the services offered by the department.

What we do
  • Activities of the VIPS include:
  • Clerical and Administrative Support
  • School and Park Patrol
  • Traffic Control
  • Special Events
  • Abandoned Auto Abatement
  • Radar Trailer Placement
  • Vacation House Checks
  • Handicapped Parking Enforcement
  • Illegal Sign Abatement

VIPS are provided distinctive uniforms and patrol vehicles. They act as additional "eyes and ears" for the Police Department.


  • The ability to volunteer at least 4 hours per week for most assignments.