C&D Recycling Program

California Assembly Bill 939 requires at least 50% of solid waste generated in a community be recycled. The Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, or CalRecycle, encourages cities to adopt a Construction & Demolition (C&D) Materials Recycling Ordinance to improve recycling rates to meet the legislation’s requirement.

The City of Antioch adopted a local C&D Materials Recycling Ordinance effective April 13th, 2004.

Antioch’s C&D Ordinance was updated on January 1st, 2014 to comply with the 2013 CALGreen Code. The following projects are now covered under Antioch’s C&D Ordinance:

  1. All new structures
  2. Additions and alterations with total project costs equal to or greater than $75,000
  3. Demolition of any structure or portion of a structure larger than 120 square feet

Qualifying projects will require the completion of a Waste Management Plan (WMP) in order to receive a building permit. The applicant must submit the completed WMP with documentation showing they have met the 50 percent diversion goal 3 days prior to final inspection. Applicants that fail to submit the required WMP or documentation within the required time period may be subject to civil penalties.

Early planning for your project now will save you time and money and prevent permitting delays later. Click here for questions to consider (and other frequently asked questions) before starting your C&D project.

Important Links to C&D Information

Check out the Ordinance regarding this C&D Recycling requirement 

Waste Management Plan (WMP)  You will need to complete a Waste Management Plan (WMP) in order to get a building permit on qualifying projects. Click the above link for more information on the process and to download the WMP.

Conversion Factors  Need help estimating the weight of material types for your projects converting from cubic yards to tons, or just want to get an idea of how much waste a project might generate? Use these conversion factors to help you out.

Republic Services (formerly Allied Waste) is the franchised hauler for the City of Antioch. Republic Services has C&D material recycling services available. To set up service or for more information call Customer Service at 925-685-4711.

Recycling Receipt For Material(s) Received  Download a copy of this receipt if you are reusing material at a site that does not have weight tags.

Builders Guide to Reuse & Recycling  Click the link above if you need help finding a place to take your material. Hard copies of this pamphlet are also available at the Building permit counter at City Hall or by contacting Julie Haas-Wajdowicz

CalRecycle C&D FAQ: Visit this link for more regularly updated information about the C&D diversion process.