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Environment: Clean Water Program/NPDES

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Protect Your Watershed


Clean Water Program

We are very fortunate in the City of Antioch to live in an area surrounded by rivers, creeks and open space.  There are 4 creeks which wind through the city: East Antioch Creek; Markley Creek (a tributary of West Antioch Creek); Sand Creek; and West Antioch Creek.  Within the city limits are also parts of the watersheds for Marsh Creek and Kirker Creek.  These creeks receive runoff from our neighborhoods through a system storm drains or through rain filtration and runoff of permeable surfaces.  All water that runs down our streets and into the storm drains flows into the local creeks and eventually to the San Joaquin River untreated.

The City of Antioch's NPDES program is charged with the responsibility of preventing pollution and maintaining the storm water system.  Activities include: outreach & education; inspections & enforcement; spill clean-up; storm drain maintenance; channel and creek maintenance; street sweeping.  Please visit the pages below to learn more about the City's efforts and what you can do to keep our water clean! 

Antioch's Ordinance for Storm Water: In addition to state and federal regulations regarding storm water, the City of Antioch has its own requirements on allowed discharges to the storm water system including enforcement and citation.

 Best Management Practices 

Best Management Practices (BMPs) for the building and property construction and maintenance.

These brochures are chalked full of information useful for homeowners, property managers and the construction industry.

La informacion es en espanol, tambien.

Earth Moving Activities (English) (Espanol)
Fresh Concrete and Mortar (English) (Espanol)
General Construction
and Site Supervision
(English) (Espanol)
Heavy Equipment Operation (English) (Espanol)
Home Repair and Remodeling (English) (Espanol)
Landscaping, Gardening
and Pool Maintenance
(English) (Espanol)
Painting and Application
of Solvents and Adhesives
(English) (Espanol)
Roadwork and Paving (English) (Espanol)
All documents are PDF
Composting is a great way to return nutrients to your soil naturally, reducing the need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers in your yard.  The City offers free composting workshops and discounted composts bins.  Click here to see a schedule of upcoming workshops.
Construction Activities
If you are planning a construction project equal to or greater than 1 acre, you will need to prepare a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan in order to receive a State General Construction Activity Permit.  Click here for a SWPPP checklist
Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Reducing residential storm water pollution: Reducing polluted run off from your home is easier then you might think! 

Report a Problem

Street Sweeping

Sweeping the streets helps to prevent dirt, hydrocarbons, litter and leaves from entering the storm drain system.  It is much better to keep these items out of the roadways entirely.  Please don't litter or park leaking automobiles on the street.  Pick up fallen leaves and other material from the gutter and street in front of your home. 

The City of Antioch contracts with Delta Diablo Sanitation District to provide street sweeping service for the city streets.  Residential neighborhoods are swept once a month.  Major streets are swept more often.  See the schedule for the sweep day in your area.  Try to park your car off the street on sweep days if at all possible!

Would you like to do more?  Are you looking for projects to clean up our open spaces, creeks, trails and parks?
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