Welcome to the City of Antioch’s Water Conservation Page!

Below you will find information and links to water conservation information and resources including our seasonal water conservation tips. Conserving water saves the environment and your pocket book. The less water you use, the less water you pay for! Leaks and over watering not only waste water, but can cause damage to your property. So, saving water just makes good cents! The City, in partnership with Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) and neighboring communities works to assist our customers in using water wisely!

Tracking Your Consumption
The first steps to reducing your water consumption are knowing how much water you currently consume and tracking your consumption. You can access your consumption history by creating an online water bill paying account at https://www.municipalonlinepayments.com/antiochca. You can track your current consumption by reading your meter yourself. This flyer explains how to read your meter so that you can monitor your conservation efforts. You may also use CCWD’s online calculator at www.ccwater.com/conserve/water_calculator.asp.

Conduct you own Water Audit
Learn how to do an investigation of water use in your own home.

Water Wise Gardening CD

Our free Water-Wise CD has all kinds of info on how to garden beautifully while saving water. It runs on your personal computer (PC only) and is jam-packed with information specifically designed for soil & weather conditions in Contra Costa County.

This CD-Rom is available to all Water Service customers of the City of Antioch. To submit a request for one to be mailed to you-click here


Bay friendly Gardening/Landscaping Guidelines
To submit a request for one to be mailed to you-click here

Seasonal Irrigation and Landscaping Tips
For more water conservation information including rebates and free surveys visit the Contra Costa Water District at ccwater.com/conserve.

Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP)

The City of Antioch’s 2015 Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) documents the City’s planning activities to ensure adequate water supplies to meet existing and future demands for water.

The UWMP presents forecasted supplies and demands, describes the City's conservation programs, and identifies recycled water opportunities to the year 2035.