Money, Time and Resource Saving Programs for Businesses

As members of the Antioch Community, we all have a responsibility to be stewards of its economic and natural resources. Business profits and environmental benefits are not mutually exclusive. In many cases, conserving resources also save money and increase profits. Think lower utility bills and less supplies/materials purchased. Using less toxic products not only protect the environment, but also increase employee health and productivity. Please use the links to city programs and external programs to insure that your business and the resources you need to run it are here for generations.

Not sure where to start? Call the Environmental Resource Line at 779-6137 or email us for a personal consultation.

Current Highlights:

Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing- commercial property owners can now finance energy efficiency, water conservation and renewable energy projects on their property tax rolls.  Find out more here.

Mandatory Commercial Recycling: Antioch Municipal Code 6-3.02 requires all businesses and multi-family complexes to subscribe to adequate levels of garbage and recycling service. And effective July 1, 2012 it is a state law for all business with more than 4 cubic yards of weekly garbage service. Contact Allied Waste to start or improve your recycling service,

Become a Certified Green Business: Looking to show off your sustainability efforts and draw in more eco-consumers? Become a certified green business!